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Feb 27 2007

Worship that Reorders Reality

Out of UR is back from the National Pastors Convention in San Diego and writes about a message by Mark Labberton om the intersection of worship and justice.  Labberton, the author of a new book entitled "The Dangerous Act of Worship—Living God’s Call to Justice" calls the church to both horizontal worship AND vertical worship.  Writes Our of UR on the resulting rush to buy the book:

Now, don’t misunderstand me. I thought Labberton’s message was right on target, and I’m sure his book is equally meaningful. But the overwhelming response I saw in the hotel lobby made me realize that a theology of social justice may be more foreign to we evangelicals than I had realized. Have we so fully bought into the notion that worship is primarily entertainment that when someone gives a biblical perspective we are surprised, rush to the bookstore, and get in line to discover more?

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