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Feb 09 2007

Steve Fee: Burn For You

Highestrating_5 StevefeecdSteve’ Fee’s second CD is out, and it may be the best new music you’ve not yet heard of.  A followup to Fee’s first CD called Sacred Space, the songs on the independently produced Burn For You are well-written, nicely mixed and are a joy to listen to.  Each song produces a different flavor and feel.  Released during Passion ’07 in Atlanta (Fee has played Passion events for years both solo and as part of the Passion Band), some of the songs are already showing up in Sunday morning worship services (Glorious One).  If "rock worship" is your thing, this one’s for you.  This is one of the best CD’s we’ve heard in awhile, and we won’t be surprised to see a major label pick this up in the future.

Give it a preview and a download at iTunes

Steve Fee - Burn for You

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