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Nov 20

A chat with Louie Giglio and John Piper

Excerpt from the Passion ’07 Podcast conversation between John Piper and Louie Giglio:

LouiegigliosmallLouie Giglio: John, I know that there are a lot of students that are listening and I think they probably believe everything that they have heard today and probably in their hearts believe and affirm evertything they’ve ever heard at Passion, they have a deep, desperate desire to be God glorifying but they are swimming right how up to their eyeballs in sin and they sing the songs on Sunday and they know the truth and they actually have some desire for that in their hearts but the reality is they are gonna click this podcast off today and be waist deep or chest deep in muck and mire and don’t feel like they can reconcile those two realities in their lives.  What would you say to them, just as a…you know, I have John Piper on my podcast right now…what would you say to them in the way of encouraging them in step one towards getting to that place that not only God wants them to be, but the place that somehwere deep in their heart they really want to be too?

Pipersmall_1John Piper: Well I hope I don’t have to leave it at step one but I think my first step would be to just make sure that they’ve got a rock solid understanding of the doctrine of justification by faith alone apart from works of the law.  It is controversial today and it is so essential.  I was just on the phone before you called for half an hour with a pastor in Pennsylvania who was picking my brain about how to help people battle with sin and we both were agonizing over helping people understand how you can preach the doctrine of "I gain my right standing with God on the basis of Christ’s righteousnes alone, by faith alone, for the glory of God alone, through grace alone" without unleashing indifference towards the battle of sin.  And my answer to that is that it is the only thing that will enable us to have the hope that He may make any progress in sin…if you can know I’m standing on a righteousness that is not my own, and then, here’s step two…2 Corinthians 3:18…"we are being changed from one degree of glory to the next because we are beholding the glory of the Lord" so I just want to say this: get justification right and then devote as much energy as you can to seeing Jesus Christ for who He is.  He will break the power of canceled sin if you see Him.

Louiegigliosmall_1Louie Giglio: Yeah, thats incredible and I hope that is something that maybe we can expound upon to great degree when we’re together in atlanta.

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