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Sep 22 2006

Louie Giglio : Tattoo

Gigliotattoo_1Louie Giglio has a video series called "Tattoo" online at 7:22 org.  The three messages, delivered this past summer to several thousand young singles in Atlanta, are entitled:

  1. Marked by the Cross
  2. Pure Light
  3. Touch of Heaven

It’s a good series taking a look at what the real "alternative" lifestye of a Christian should look like, filled with grace but marked by holiness.  Interesting sidenote: this series was kicked off after Louie surfed around MySpace and read profiles of college-age students claiming to know Christ, to go to church or have Jesus as their hero but whose profiles, comments, language, preferences and photos reflected a love and preference for darkness, not holiness and light.  (and, no, Louie doesn’t have an account at MySpace–the "louie site" there is an imposter)

Also, his series "Indescribable", which ties in to the song of the same name recorded by Chris Tomlin and written by Perimeter Church worship leader Laura Story-Elvington, is still online at the website of Louie’s home church, North Point Community Church.  You can buy a DVD of this message at the Passion store (the one recorded at North Point or the one recorded through Passion).  Here’s the summary of that message:

IndescribabledvedThe heavens are telling the glory of God, and their expanse declares the work of His hands. Night after night they remind us of just how small we are, and how huge God is. Looking out into the far reaches of the universe, we find a seemingly infinite expanse of mystery and wonder, intricately fashioned by a God of unfathomable size and power. Just a glimpse of one of the billions of visible galaxies He has formed resizes us, shrinking us, and the world we call home, to seeming insignificance in an instant. But as tiny as we may seem, the God who knows every star by name also knows yours, and mine. And in the most stunning rescue imaginable, God sent His Son to this spinning planet we call home–the Creator reconnecting us to Himself with life that never ends.

Indescribable takes us on an image-rich journey through the cosmos, allowing us to peer into God’s universe to discover the amazing magnitude of His greatness and grace.

On  a related but separate note, sad news from Multnomah is that Louie and Matt Redman’s forthcoming book tentatively titled "Lost in Wonder" has been put on the backburner and won’t be released this fall as expected.

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