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Sep 06 2006

Jars of Clay | Interview and Free CD Stream


GoodmonstersJars of Clay is releasing their newest CD, "Good Monsters." 

The band is making the new CD available for a free streaming preview at AOL music.

Also, Christianity Today talked to the band about the impetus for the new CD.  The magazine tees up the interview:

We’re all aware of the evil that lurks within; the apostle Paul called himself a "prisoner of sin."  But most of us are pretty good at hiding that stuff and putting on a smile—especially at church. Dan Haseltine, frontman for the Grammy-winning band Jars of Clay, played that game for a long time too. But when he met some guys who were committed to being totally honest with each other, he decided he was sick of hiding the monster within—a good monster, but a monster nonetheless. Thus the title of the band’s new album, Good Monsters, releasing next week—and thus the premise for this conversation with the always thoughtful and articulate Haseltine, who speaks his mind on his own internal monsters, on his doubts, on the rise of honesty in Christian music, and on the things that make him say, "Oh, my God."

Read the interview at CT

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