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Aug 12 2006

Steve Brown Etc Podcast

Stevebrownetcipod Ipodtransparent_2 This week’s Podcast Feature is Steve Brown Etc.

In this weekly talk-oriented program dealing with religious, political and social issues from various perspectives, Steve interviews conservatives, liberals, emergents, submergents, nonmergents, emerging, submerging, moderns, postmoderns, pastmoderns and transmoderns.  Great insights into how other people think, right, wrong, different, or indifferent.  The interviews are well worth listening toBrownsmall but you may find it necessary to utilize fast-forward to get to them.   Past guests have included Anne Lamott, Donald Miller, Hugh Ross, Terry Mattingly, Tony Campolo, Reggie Kidd, Steve Saint, David Murrow, Mark Fererra, George Barna, Joel Rosenburg, Michael Reagan, Brian McLaren, Jay Bakker, Joseph Farah, Steve Turner, Shane Claiborne, Mark Pinsky, and Hugh Ross.

Steve also does a weekly program called KeyLife, where he typically goes through a book of the Bible over a period of time.  Fridays are devoted to Q&A.

Who is Steve Brown?

Steve Brown has been in radio and television broadcasting for over 20 years. He is a professor of communication, an author with over 14 books to his credit and a lecturer at conferences, colleges, churches and seminars across the country. His syndicated 15-minute Whatwasithinking program and his one-minute Think Spot commentaries are heard on some 600 stations throughout the United States and Canada.  His latest book, just released, is entitled " What Was I Thinking? Things I’ve Learned Since I Knew It All"

Listen to Steve Brown iTunes   Steve Brown Etc. - Steve Brown Etc. | Podcast - Steve Brown Etc. | Podcast

Continue reading to view current episodes from both Steve Brown Etc and KeyLife.

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