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Aug 09

Don’t Waste Your Life | John Piper

DontwasteyourlifeOne of the best "easy to read" books written in the past few years is Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper.  Normally "easy to read" and "John Piper" are not words one expects to see in the same sentence, as Piper’s knowledge of God’s Word is as extensive as his passion for it, and he is known for digging deep to help himself and others know and enjoy God more intimately.

This book, based in part on a powerful, passionate message Piper has given to thousands of college students through both Campus Crusade and Passion, is ideal for students in or recent graduates of high school or college.  In an age of trivialities, video games, misdirected ambition, self-centered morality and vasts amounts of time wasted watching television, Piper calls young people to "come and die," in the words of Bonhoeffer, rather than "come and play" as seems to be the preferred path of many today in not only the post-modern secular world, but evangelical America as well.

Do you want to know what a life of worship looks like?  Piper describes such a life in this book.  You can still buy the book, but you can also read it online at

Don’t Waste Your Life, Gift Edition, Book and DVD
Don’t Waste Your Life

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