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Aug 11 2006

Church Consumerism…

Conferencedesriringgod06video…and other subjects are addressed in video interviews and commentaries available online for free viewing or downloading at Desiring God Ministries.  If you’re on iTunes you can subscribe to have them downloaded to your PC automatically via the feed at the same site.

Here’s a sampling of what’s available so far, featuring John Piper, Mark Driscoll, Tim Keller, and David Wells.  All topics relate to the subject of the 2006 Conference (The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World) coming up in early fall:

John Piper
Why this topic? (4 min)
What is the nature of postmodernism? (3 min)
What are some effects of postmodernism? (4 min)
Why you should come to this conference (8 min)

Mark Driscoll
Emerging vs. Emergent
Seeker vs. Missional—Part One
Seeker vs. Missional—Part Two
Biblical Principles and Cultural Methods
Style in Ministry
The Importance of Theology
The Need for Cultural Immersion
Relating to Sinners
Developing Young Leaders in the Church
Church Planting, Innovation, and Male Leadership

Tim Keller
The Scripture as Foundation
Is the Bible Culturally Conditioned?
Missional vs. Evangelistic
Is Redeemer Church ‘Emergent’?
Characteristics of a Missional Church
Preaching and the Missional Church
Being Salt & Light in Culture
The Gospel, Moralism, and Irreligion

David Wells
The Intrusiveness of Culture
Postmodernity Defined
Religious Pluralism in America
Emergent vs. Traditional and Seeker
Intellectual vs. Popular Postmodernism
The "Autonomous Self"
Church Consumerism – Part One
Church Consumerism – Part Two

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