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Aug 15 2006

Blazing Center DVD | John Piper

Blazingcenter Multnomah Publishers (soon to be a part of Random House) has released a DVD series from John Piper ( The Blazing Center–DVDs ).  Captured speaking before high school students, Piper summarizes for a young audience the controversial but thoroughly biblical concept that God is the center of the universe, and the only delight that will leave us satisfied and joyful is the delight of God–not comfort, lack of suffering, or safety. 

For one thing, this DVD should hopefully give pause to those who think that high schoolers won’t listen to anything that isn’t tattooed, loud, and goofy, or that they are not interested in deep theology or the things of God.  Although this is presented in lecture format (with occasional interviews and commentary from high school students present), Piper summarizes well the concepts he has taught over the years in various volumes and the students seem to be quite attentive and interested in what Piper has to say. 

WIth fall upon us, and winter just around the corner, maybe you are looking for a Bible study for your small group.  This would be an ideal selection, not just for high school students, but for the older set as well.  A study guide (The Blazing Center Study Guide )is available for purchase, and DesiringGod Ministries has package deals available.  Their website also provides a brief promo video, and also notes that versions purchased directly from them are encoded for worldwide distribution.

Additional details from Multnomah and Desiring God:

God is the blazing sun at the center of reality. Everything revolves around him. And as the most valuable and glorious person that exists, God is loving, not conceited, when he calls us to worship him, because he’s offering us the one thing that will make us the most happy: himself. God’s pursuit of glory and our pursuit of joy are not at odds. Because God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.

In these eight 30-minute sessions, John Piper explains from the Bible:

  • Why God is so passionate about his glory
  • Why our happiness depends on God’s pursuit of his glory
  • That God actually commands us to pursue our happiness
  • That sin is when we abandon God and pursue our happiness in lesser things
  • How our love for God is revealed by our delight in him, not our labors for him
  • How joy in God overflows in love to meet the needs of others
  • How only joy in God can sustain us in times of profound suffering

Recorded in the intimate setting of a retreat for youth leaders and students, these sessions are ideal for use in adult and youth Sunday School classes, small groups, retreats, classrooms, and families.

3 Disc DVD Set Includes:

  • Session 1 The Blazing Center: A Personal Story
  • Session 2 The Blazing Center: Is God Vain?
  • Session 3 Pursue Your Joy: Isn’t That Hedonism?
  • Session 4 Pursue Your Joy: God Commands It!
  • Session 5 True Love: Duty or Delight? (Part 1)
  • Session 6 True Love: Duty or Delight? (Part 2)
  • Session 7 Suffering: For the Joy Set Before You (Part 1)
  • Session 8 Suffering: For the Joy Set Before You (Part 2)

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