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Jul 22 2006

Part Three: Musical Mush

Part two of the commentary initiated by Chuck Colson yesterday, as a followup to controversial comments made about worship in February.

During recent decades, many a church has found itself foundering on the rocks when it comes to what kind of music to use in worship. Cultural change, like a fast moving tide, has left church vessels ravaged, split open, usually along contemporary and traditional divides, with the grey hairs and the pony tails parting ways. It’s a shame.


U2’s lead singer, Bono, puts it this way: “Music is worship: whether it’s worship of women or their designer, the world or its destroyer . . . the smoke goes upwards . . . to God or something you replace God with . . . usually yourself.” So while I lament that some Christian radio stations have taken away programs for biblical teaching, that does not mean I discount the ways in which music itself teaches us and the way it moves us.

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