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Jul 22 2006

Establishing Elder Government in Church Plants

Mark Driscoll has posted the notes from a seminar he teaches on the subject of "Establishing Elder Government in Church Plants."  Driscoll articulates, in typical humorous yet dead serious fashion, the biblical mandates and principles as they relate to church government, and the non-negotiable biblical qualifications for those who lead the church.

"The key to ecclesiology is proper theology. Simply, if the person and ongoing work of Jesus is not exceptionally clear and practically integrated in the church then eventually the church will become very sick. Jesus Christ is the apostle who plants a church (Hebrews 3:1), the senior pastor who leads the church (1 Peter 5:4), and the head of the church (Colossians 1:4; 2:10, 19) who grows and builds a church (Matthew 16:18) or shuts it down for becoming faithless and/or fruitless (Revelation 2:5). Additionally, it is the Holy Spirit who convicts people in the church of sin, gifts them for service, empowers them for fruitfulness, and selects the elders who are to lead the church. "

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